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​Unique Nursery Ideas

Found out you have a bun in the oven? Congratulations! This is the happy time to prepare for the arrival of your special little one, spend time with the family and enjoy sleep while you still can. Now… I know you’ve been excitedly planning, adding posts on Pinterest and reading all the mummy bloggers, so by now you pretty much have a hundred different ideas about what your baby’s nursery should look like. However, what we’re proposing to you is to think outside the bars of the crib. In this blog post, we share some unique nursery ideas and decorating tips because your baby has more personality than just blue or pink.

Moody Decor

A trend recently been sweeping the social media scene is the idea of “moody decor” for your baby’s nursery. “Moody decor” describes a darker style of decorating, usually with dark or jewel colours such as emerald green, rich purples, magenta and navy blue. This trend channels a very retro and glamour look but can be paired with some more modern scandi furniture as well for an updated 21st century look.

Not only is this an up and coming trend, there are also some benefits in decorating a nursery in darker tones. Research shows using darker tones on the newborn’s room promotes better sleep as it mimics nighttime. The simulation of nighttime automatically encourages the body to start the sleep cycle, as darkness encourages the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Your baby should fall asleep faster in a darker room, therefore using a dark decor should be handy when establishing a nap regime. And hey, better sleep for the baby means better sleep for you!

When decorating you could incorporate some blackout curtains to restrain light and some soft presence lights to create that peaceful, stress-free, night-night room. Golden contrasts and the use of mirrors usually contrast nicely against darker colours. You could use inspiration from fairytales or folktales to define your theme and integrate it into your decor. If having a cool decor and putting your baby to sleep much faster still isn’t good enough reasoning to opt for a moody decor nursery then note this: the use of darker colours makes a room seem much, closer and cosier so it will be ideal for alone bonding time with mummy and baby.
Not only do I get a pretty decor I also get a sleepy baby and a stress-free environment? Moody decor it is! Sign me up!

Keep it neutral

There are so many benefits in going neutral.
For one, neutral decor and neutral furnishings are easier to clean, and let’s face it, you will need some help in that department.

Another reason to go for neutral decor is that a neutral colour palette is very adaptable in the future.
Not only does it match quite easily to any type of decor it also takes the pressure off of you to heavily decorate or follow the trends. Because neutral decor always looks good. For example: don’t know if its a boy or a girl? Doesn’t matter if you choose neutral. Don’t know what style to go for? Start neutral and go from there…Whatever the question is, neutral is the answer to your interior decor dilemma.

Neutral doesn’t always mean boring, you can spice up neutral with some bohemian/earthy vibes perfect for a motherly environment inspired by mother nature. The mummy blogger Amy Antoinette, makes really good use of neutral, earthy tones in her decor; she really embraces a neutral palette in a bohemian style in her nursery/rooms. This gives a timeless vibe, so it promotes a healthy relationship and growth between your child and their surroundings.

White on White

Nothing more chic than a white on white nursery. In fact, it has been proven that in the first month babies only see in black and white. Matter of fact, it has been proven the use of white and black assists brain growth and helps with the development of a newborn more than pastel colours, traditionally used in baby's toys, would.

White on white...what about the mess? What about my baby's toys clashing with the decor?
Don’t fret mummies, white isn’t as daunting a shade as you think. You can use lots of white storage for your multiple needs for you and baby. So go ahead and hide those toys, nappies, lotions, clothes and much more in some white wicker baskets or some white plastic boxes away from sight, away from mind. Make sure you can easily access your objects though, nothing worse than a little diaper explosion and no baby wipes at hand.

Now for the mess, invest in wipeable and cleanable surfaces like plastic items, flat superficies and easy to clean furniture. For decor, Pop Walls White Swanne is nontoxic and wipeable. It adds soft hues to the room without the headache of worrying about cleaning. In terms of linens do not be scared of white, there are a ton of detergents and natural solutions that clean and keep the white, whiter. This is 2018 after all. Here’s a great blog post by The Spruce on Baby Clothes Stain Removal and Care.

Also, white on white feels very comforting and luxurious so go ahead and stock up on blankets, pillows and throws and build a nursery that looks and feels like a cloud.

Pop of Colour

Pop of colours are great if you’re struggling to arrange colour pallets in your baby’s nursery. Using little splashes of colour can make a nursery transform from boring to fashion forward. Little splashes of colour for your little baby. You can pair a neutral-furnished room with a bright colour rug, a coloured wall or even a wall mural. With wall murals and wallpapers try to look for a non-toxic wall mural, these are made with babies in mind, to guarantee safety and avoid the inhaling of toxic fumes or smells from glue or paint.

You could also use a pop of colour through several matching objects across the room such as pink pillows, pink candles and a pink rug on a neutral walls. Decorating using pops of colour is useful if you don't know how to decorate with many objects for a more minimalistic look. If you're opting for using this decoration method then there’s a great article by HouseBeautiful to help you pick the best colour for your baby’s nursery. If you still can’t decide on one single colour why not use several colours rather than only one? It’s all about being creative and seeing what works best.


The Bohemian home decor style is about embracing all areas of your life and utilising every source as inspiration - it’s warm, relaxed, eclectic and fun! In recent years, Bohemian or more commonly known as Boho - chic style, has been adopted into anything from interior design to weddings to fashion. To learn more about the Bohemian style, check out a previous blog post on the different types of interior styles.

The Bohemian style is not afraid of colour so go ahead and display all of your children’s toys, it’s all apart of the look! With the Bohemian look you could experiment with nature-inspired decor objects and “market-made” pieces. What does that mean? Just think hippie. A moroccan rug, a wicker basket, a dreamcatcher, different frames with different polaroid pictures. Bohemian is all about being real, free-spirited and making your decor match your lifestyle, not the other way around.

The Bohemian style is perfect for a nursery because it embodies relaxation which is perfect for your little one and you.
Additionally, the colours, patterns and textures of the Bohemian style really add a depth to the room but it also has the additional benefit of turning decor into an sensorial experience for your baby. This is vital for newborns development as it helps broaden their language and descriptive skills. So, your baby will probably be fascinated by that aztec wall hanging or love rolling around on that patterned rug.

Little Steampunker

How about a little twist on the classic Steampunk?

Why not create a nursery inspired by Industrial England and the Victorian era? Think trains, funny hats, and magic for a Steampunk-themed room. Add some wooden accessories and toys to provide warm brown tones true to the Steampunk aesthetic. You can even add some chrome-finished objects such as a rail of clothes or shelving.

A beige, brown or a light green duvet and cushions add that much needed softness to the room while still encompassing the aesthetic, providing a cozy spot for your little steampunker to read a victorian era fairytale or look at a globe of the world.

Believe it or not this style can be very adaptable. It’s a style your young one can grow into and learn from, as this room allows for the addition of more mature accessories such as leather bound books, binoculars or even a world globe. A chalkboard can be used to write down memos for yourself (buy nappies) and as your child grows and develops you can start writing letters on there to progressively familiarise them with the alphabet. This style is very unique as it provides an added practicality of learning to your nursery, so go ahead and don’t be afraid to embrace this old-school aesthetic.

And there you go, some original and unique styles to consider when decorating your baby’s corner.

Keep in mind that in the end your are going to spend a lot of time on that nursery so build it with you in mind. It’s important you feel comfortable and happy with your space so try not to sacrifice your practical needs for a pretty room.

Most importantly, have the most fun with it, it’s not always that you get to experience a feeling of a newborn coming soon, so enjoy it and make it last while you still can.

Happy Decorating! Xx

The Pop Walls team

Oh, and btw why not check out our pinterest board on the best looking nurseries

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