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What's Your Interior Decor Style?
09 March 2018
Have you ever fell into the rabbit hole of Pinterest where you notice your boards look like several different houses with several different styles? Been there, done that...You have a dangerous disease named “I’m in love with way too many styles of decor on Pinterest and I don’t know which one suits me best!” Worry not, thankfully we broke down the four most popular styles of interior design so you can make an informed decision on which style fits your dream home better.
6 Upcoming Trends Spring Interior Design for 2018
01 March 2018
Spring is fast approaching (finally) which means fresh flowers and a chance to spruce up the home decor. Read our 6 spring interior decor trends this 2018.
​5 Tips for Styling Plants For Your Home
22 February 2018
Oh, the magical green thumb. Plants add a new dimension to your interior but also help improve air quality and even productivity. According to studies, bringing greenery into your home improves overall wellness and is a great way for your home decor to help improve your mood. And the great news is with so many different types of houseplants and ways to decorate with them, they’re the perfect addition to any home – no matter your style. We share 5 tips for using indoor plants for home decor.
How to Use Home Decor to Bring All the Feels This Valentine's Day
08 February 2018
February 14th is just around the corner and in honour of Valentine’s Day let’s spread the love. Valentine’s Day is more than just romantic love, it’s love in all forms. If you’re spending Valentine's day with the kids doing crafts and colouring pages, by yourself with a glass of prosecco, writing cards to all your besties for #galentinesday or with your better half on a date, you can keep the spirit of love alive all year long with your home decor. Apply these tips to bring happiness into different areas of your house throughout the year.